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Tension Shades with the latest technologically advanced outdoor tensioned fabrics designed and engineered for stability, durability and exceptional architectural appeal for Residential and Commercial Institutions.

Shade sails are artistic canopies that provide sun shade and UV protection for playgrounds, swimming pools, backyard patios, and other outdoor living spaces. They offer not only escape from the sun, but creative displays for anything from a backyard pool to a rooftop area. We use high quality shade fabric to manufacture standard and custom shade sails. Shade Systems can provide shade and sun protection over playground equipment, bleachers, concession areas, pool decks, parking lots, water parks, vehicle parking areas, and any other outdoor gathering places.


Schools and Playgrounds / Rooftop play Areas/ Kids Parks

Tension Shades provide year-round protection from the sun and rain whether the use is as a walkway between classrooms, an entrance canopy, an outdoor classroom, a refectory, a theatre, a parent waiting area or a recreation shade. Bringing young children out into the fresh air to learn and to play is an essential part of their development. Tension shade structures allow healthy outdoor activities to be carried out in a safe environment where their exposure to harmful UV radiation is dramatically reduced.


Car Parking Areas

We are providing the Car Parking Canopy Shade parking for our customers. They save cars from the bad weather, we are providing the protection by these canopies from UV rays. They are wind, dust and corrosion free. We serve these products in various sizes and shapes. These Car Parking Shade and Canopies are very easy to maintain.They are available in hotels, sports complexes, resorts, and more. Our parking shades are designed as per the requirement of our customers.


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